UFO Attractions

The 1947 Roswell Incident is what put Roswell on the map and our UFO attractions, events, and shops do not disappoint. With a thriving downtown, a variety of recreational activities, fun attractions and tons of lodging options, today’s Roswell is a great place for visitors to have some fun of their own.


The Museum contains exhibits and information about the Roswell Incident, UFO sightings in general, and a research library which houses reference materials about this subject and other related phenomena. The Museum offers lectures and events throughout the year and an “out-of-this-world” gift shop.

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The Roswell Spacewalk is a black-light adventure you’ll never forget. Once you’ve completed your spacewalk, check out original, retro space art by Bryan Ward, creator of the Spacewalk. They also carry a variety of unique space items for purchase. This out of this world experience is family-friendly and  will transport you to another planet! For prices, hours, and location, click here.


This virtual reality experience allows you to journey across the galaxy! Witness the Roswell Incident firsthand in VR 3D! Located at 121 E. Second St. this destination is central in Downtown. Learn more and secure your ticket to take flight today!

Area 52 – Tactical Laser Tag

From virtual worlds to gritty tactical laser tag combat, fun and smiles are a guarantee at Area 52! Their indoor and outdoor laser tag arena is comprised of an outdoor combat zone, as well as 3 buildings to attack and defend for a total of 15,000 square feet, this is unlike any laser tag you have played before!  Click here for more informaion.

Need UFO merch? We’ve got you covered.

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