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Virtual Chile Cheese Festival 2020

September 4th & 5th


Chile Cheese Festival 2018 - Focus NM


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and current state restrictions, this year’s Chile Cheese Festival will not include a public gathering, instead this will be a “Virtual Chile Cheese Festival” September 4 & 5 (Friday noon-8pm / Saturday 7am-6pm).

For those who do stop by, there will be exciting opportunities to take part in!

To kick things off on Saturday, MainStreet Roswell Farmers’/Growers’ Market will host vendors selling fresh produce and hand made items on the courthouse lawn that morning from 7 am to 11 am.

Then its off to the races with a scavenger hunt where contestants will have a chance to explore the down town area looking for clues and have the opportunity to win amazing prizes!

Contestants, adults 18 or older, will need to stop at the information tent on the Chaves County Courthouse lawn first to pick up a scavenger hunt map. Hunters will then visit participating businesses listed on the map to find the “ITEM” for that business noted by a festival logo branded sign. The hunters will write the item description for that business on their maps next to the business name. After hunting for as many items as possible, the maps should be returned to the information tent to be turned in. Every correct item found is good for 1 entry in a drawing for a $500 prize! There will also be additional drawings for merchandise & gift certificates. Those who participate are encouraged to wear masks and practice social distancing for all Virtual Chile Cheese Festival activities! Hunters will also receive a free swag bag for those participating in the scavenger hunt from MainStreet Roswell and Sparklight. There are also plans to give away free light bulbs, provided by Xcel Energy!

There will also be an ice cream give away sponsored by Albertsons Market!
One other addition to that weekend is the weekly MainStreet Roswell Farmers’/Growers’ Market.
The vendors selling fresh produce and hand made items will be on the courthouse lawn Saturday
morning during their normal Farmer’s Market hours.

What’s a Chile festival without chile? Graves Farm will be roasting green chile on Saturday for all those who need can’t live without green chile. (see MainStreet Roswell Facebook Event for hours of Chile Roasting).

If you’re not able to make it to the festival, KBIM the Country Giant (94.9) will host an on air virtual Chile Cheese event on Friday and
Saturday for everyone to tune in and enjoy this years festivities. They will be playing related music, with interviews of musicians, and interesting facts about living in New Mexico and you guessed it, chile and cheese!

All coverage of the event can also be found on MainStreet Roswell’s Facebook page.

For more information, visit their website:

Main Street Roswell