2 Events On Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Light & Solar Quest

November 13, 2018
Light (7 minutes) + Solar Quest (11 minutes) Light On the occasion of the International Year of Light, ZEISS has produced a full dome teaser that takes planetarium visitors on a trip to the varied facets of light. Light affects our lives in much more ways than we are aware of. The short film approaches the phenomenon...

I'm Dreaming of a Farmhouse Christmas

November 13, 2018
First Show: 1:30pm
Second Show: 6:30pm
Chaves County Extension Clubs presents… I'm Dreaming of a Farmhouse Christmas. Tuesday November 13th, 2018. 1st Show @ 1:30 PM, 2nd Show @6:30 PM. Located at Eastern NM State Fairgrounds. $5 per ticket, available at Chaves County Extension 200 E Chisum Suite. 4. For more information call 575-622-3210.